i am teh suck.

So last night was bad. After 11 minutes I was down 3 buyins at 50NL and couldn't hit the "Sit Out" button fast enough. Two of the hands were pretty much unavoidable on my part (Thanks, Lee Jones), but they sent into such a tizzy that I decided that my 88 had to be good on a T high flop if I played it aggressively enough against a guy who was making weak play after weak play. Alas, I was wrong. He decided to take his TQo to the felt (and yes I was in position, had raised PF, and re-raised the flop). Oh well, such are the breaks. Anyway, took some time off to watch some PLO videos on CardRunners and play some low stakes PLO on UB. In the past week or so I found $18 on my UB account and rolled it up to somewhere near $140 playing 25PLO with absolutely no concept of the game. The people playing there are *that* bad. It's a welcomed break from the NL tables, and I'll probably dedicate that account to learning the game. I decided to play some more 50NL later in the night, and didn't fare any better. Lost another buyin and simply could not hit a hand that didn't face resistance.

In other news, Heroes has absolutely become my favorite show of the moment (edit: 24 is still pretty insane, but has lost its grip on me due to its outlandishness and boring subplots that I care little about; Lost is just interesting enough to keep me watching; Smallville has sparked some interest due to the Justice League subplot, but if it turns back into some teen romance crap it I'll be pissed; Entourage starts again soon; and It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia will have to wait until the summer for its 3rd season, and Danny DaVito better not hog the screen because he detracts from the overall hilarity of the show). I knew from the first few episodes of Heroes that it had potential... the plot is quite interesting, and the characters and backgrounds are fantastic. I've never loathed a villain in a TV show so much as Syler, but he's such an enthralling character that you're always waiting to see what he's going to do next. And even though there's multiple story threads going on at once, I'm rarely finding myself in the spot I am currently with 24... the "I don't care about this character, get me back to the *real* story" mentality. The one time I found myself starting to think that way about one of the subplots in Heroes, they devoted an entire freakin' episode to that storyline; and it was one of the best damn episodes to date. Kudos to you, Heroes writers. Keep up the good work.

Today: -$214.65
To Date: 1,259.85
To Go: $13,740.15
Hands: 350
ptbb/100: -61.35

Hand 1: http://www.pokerhand.org/?880779
Thanks Lee Jones, I appreciate it.

Hand 2: http://www.pokerhand.org/?880777
And literally less than 3 minutes later against the same guy. Fantastic.

Hand 3: http://www.pokerhand.org/?880776
A hand from Session 2 that I normally fold. I was not in top form tonight. His line screams "I nailed the flop, please pay me off like the donk you are tonight, moniquer." And I gladly obliged. Lame.

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