four cards are better than two.

So I really wasn't feeling like playing any NLHE last night, so I decided to fire up CardRunners and watch some more PLO videos and 'broaden my poker horizons.' After watching some GP and muddy vids, I played for a while on UB at the 25PLO tables, mixing up some different styles in 6max and even shorter handed (HU and 3player). Muddy's style is definitely supper aggro, raising almost any hand from the button shorthanded and just putting constant pressure on the opponents to make a huge mistake. I can definitely see this working, as Omaha is such a fast game that people go on serious monkey tilt and call off their entire stack in terrible spots. I ended up winning some moneys overall, and I really need to start tracking my progress on UB somehow (rolled $18 up to $175 so far). I also need to work on identifying my hands and drawing possibilities quicker so that I can play even fast and look like more of a maniac while still getting money in in +ev situations. It's really been quite a fun learning experience, and I can't wait for aba's video today (even if the stakes are ridiculously high - 5/10PLO).

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