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Holy hell it’s been a while since my last post. I was all set and ready to make an update on the 13th, confident in the fact that I was getting my shit together after a pretty decent run following the shellacking described in March 6th’s post. I was up $259 after around 3500 hands, and life was good. Then, the Ides of March occurred two days early. Fate stabbed me in the back, and I dropped 3 buyins in less than 40 hands. When the dust finally settled, I had dropped $352.30 in just over 700 hands. After reviewing the session, I realized that about half of the loss was just plain unavoidable (see several hands below). The other 3-4 buyins, however, was definitely some serious monkey tilt occurring on my part, and I seriously need to revise my approach to dealing with said tilt and controlling my emotions at the table. If I can’t learn to do that, I need to at least learn to sit out and stop the bleeding. Oh well, one of these days.

** Results and hands March 7 – March 12 **
Today: $259.00
To Date: 1,518.85
To Go: $13,481.15
Hands: 3484

Hand 1:
Villain: 60 / 7 / 4.1 (131 hands)
How often do you guys lead this turn? After some review I think my check/call on the flop, followed by check on the turn is quite suspect. I think I need to lead this turn, even if the results may have been different. Ideas?

Hand 2:
Villain: 31 / 8 / inf (45)
I’m not really worried about Ax hearts here, so I decided to take a somewhat sneaky line, with the intention of raising the river. Turns out he decided to make that play easier on me. I don’t take this line very often, just calling behind twice with a made monster, but I’m glad I did this time.

Hand 3:
Villain 1 (7th Viruz): 75 / 37.5 / .43 (9)
Villain 2 (PPA_polska): 48 / 14 / 1.7 (33)
Villain 3 (KnutSkurk): 38 / 15 / 1.0 (33)
Here’s a hand that I am quite interested in getting feedback on. I think I need to bet out this flop just to see where I stand in the hand instead of checking behind with 4 other people in the hand. Essentially I’m folding this if any card comes higher than an 8. I end up spiking an 8 on the river and take it to the felt, knowing that only an extremely slow-played 4 is stacking me here. Any thoughts on an alternate line?

Hand 4:
Villain: 37 / 20 / 2.0 (63)
All sorts of outs don’t hit for me. I get my money in here all day long, oh well.

** Results and hands March 13 **
Today: -$352.30
To Date: 1,166.55
To Go: $13,833.45
Hands: 707

Hand 5:
Villain: 32 / 21 / 1.9 (310)
Within 10 hands of beginning the session I get this beauty of a hand. I think my line on the hand is abysmal, and hate everything from the non 4-bet to the flop check. I can’t remember why I checked that flop, but I shouldn’t have. Oh well, lesson learned, right? This guy will play utter crap.

Hand 6:
Villain: 25 / 20 / 3.3 (130)
Begin monkey tilt. Biggest pot I’ve lost to date. Was up at 100NL chasing a fish.

Hand 7:
Villain: 43 / 14 / 2.2 (202)
This hand occurred while I was getting my face smashed in, and was completely tilt driven. I totally missed the fact that he check raised the flop, and have no idea why I took such a mediocre hand to the felt. Chalk up -$50.50 to gross negligence and incompetence.

Hand 8:
Villain: 55 / 16 / 1.6 (203)
Was very confused by this hand, and ended up posting on CR for some feedback. I think I take a c/r line on the turn in a hand like this maybe 20% of the time, and tc gave me some fantastic feedback on picking spots to c/r hands like AK and AQ on an A high board. In general, I don’t think I lost too much with this line since he played his hand terribly; I guess that’s why I follow this guy around.

Hand 9:
Villain: 66 / 0 / 0.7 (59)
Refuel the monkey tilt. I love losing hands like this when I’m already tilting. Helps lift my spirits and gets me playing better.

Hand 10:
Villain: 22 / 11 / 3.3 (269)
Biggest winner of the whole session; ~$25 to the bottom line. Yay. At least I can win with quads… I should get them more often.

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Anonymous said... April 3, 2007 at 10:38 AM  

Hand 1:
I'm probably leading that turn, or making a smallish raise on the flop.

Hand 3:
I think you definitely want to bet the flop, they've shown weakness on a scary board, if you're played back at at all you know you're beat.

Hand 5:
Given his stats 4bet pre. Lead the flop. Like you said, you know you played it bad.

Hand 6:
What are you gonna do, you got your money in good obviously.

Hand 7:
I think this is the wrong hand it's from 8/16 Limit.

Hand 8:
Although you can c/r AQ in spots like this, I'd probably steer away from it here. I like leading again at the turn. If he raises, depending upon reads, he seems very passive and you might just be able to fold.

Hand 9:
Although it's obviously a bad beat, I like a 3 bet on the flop. He's more likely to call you with a draw in that spot or shove over the top of you than he is calling such a large shove on the turn.

Hand 10:
He seems inclined to call you down, why not bet the turn?

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