testing the waters with no floaties

So I've decided to test out 100NL as my main game. I don't really know what made me jump to this conclusion, but I think it has something to do with the fact that I feel like I'm just grinding it out at 50NL playing 6 tables, and I'm not really learning a lot of new stuff. If I want to move up in the game, I need to buckle down and focus on my plays and the understanding of why I'm doing certain things against certain opponents.

That being said, I've decided to cut my tables to 2-3 and take a stab at 100NL. Hopefully this will allow me to focus in on the players at the table, and will up my winrate and my knowledge of the game and situations. I know how multi-table stat monkeys play (cuz I was one for 100k+ hands), and it's time to exploit that. Wish me luck at the tables, because I'm taking a new approach. I'm actually quite excited about it though, and have been thinking about grabbing some lessons from a coach. Malfaire just signed up with Ray (aka Hustler), and is quite happy with the results of the first session. If next week goes well for him and I'm still surviving at 100NL, I definitely plan to seek his services as well... the guy's understanding of the game and progress through the lower levels are sick.

** Results for Tuesday 4/17 at 100NL **
Today: +$209.40
To Date: $1,968.01
To Go: $13,001.64
Hands: 334
ptBB/100: 31.35

** Results for Monday 4/16 **
Today: +$30.35
To Date: $1,788.96
To Go: $13,211.04
Hands: 1259

** Results for the weekend (4/13 - 4/15)**
Today: +$80.55
To Date: $1,758.61
To Go: $13,241.39
Hands: 1258

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