ima chameleon.

So after some much-needed time off, I think I'm back in the flow of things and am ready for another good month (one similar to February, please... *bribes Lee Jones*). When all was said and done, I played less than 9000 hands in March, and lost like $100 between 50nl and some 100nl (chasing fish, only to be 2 outtered in the biggest hand of my life... see 20 March posting). Oh well, this month will be better.

Things have started off slowly though, and I've been making some silly mistakes for big pots because I'm rusty. I finally got back into the swing of things on Monday night, and hopefully its a glimpse of what lies ahead in April. Goal is to make it to 100nl by the close of the month, but if it doesn't happen I won't be too worried. I'm more concerned about limiting my mistakes in big pots right now, as the impact will obviously be much greater as I move up levels.

(*begin rant*) Oh, and all this "I'm LAG, I'm TAG, I'm SLAG... it's the greatest style ever" flavor-of-the-week bullshit is starting to get on my nerves. The more I play, the more I understand what the CR videos are trying to instill about playing different styles at different tables based on the players and their actions. Go ahead, Reader, boast about your amazing LAG skills and how amazing it is that no one knows what you are doing. I'm a chameleon, bitch, and I'll tongue-slap you upside the head for your whole stack. Have a nice day. (*end rant*)

** Results and hands April 9 **
Today: $246.35
To Date: $1,678.06
To Go: $13,321.94
Hands: 1217
PTbb/100: 20.24

** Results and hands April 1 – April 8 **
Today: -$87.14
To Date: $1,431.71
To Go: $13,558.29
Hands: 4007
PTbb/100: -2.17

Hand 1:
No question here, just a funny hand. I'll take it.

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