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Well it’s been about 3 weeks since my last post, and I’m feeling rather neglectful. Not really “Oh my God, Daddy just hit Mommy” domestic abuse neglectful; just “Oh, Billy had soccer practice tonight... oops we forgot him there and ate dinner without him" neglectful. Don’t worry thought, I’m back and have a lot to talk about, namely: why I hate auto mechanics, why I hate landlords, why the game Crackdown for xbox360 is probably the most fun you will have in a long time, and how I’ve managed to double my bankroll in about a week (*edit: on second thought, the first two topics will induce a rage infused tirade and would probably be best left unelaborated on).

Why is Crackdown so great?
It’s no surprise that everyone loved Grand Theft Auto for the sheer audacity of some of the things that you could do in it – I mean, who doesn’t like running around a huge sandbox city stealing cars, shooting up people, and generally causing mayhem? Well, Crackdown is just like that, but - no pun intended - on crack. How, you ask, can this be possible? Well, in Crackdown, your Agent of mayhem and destruction builds up superhuman powers (level up, bitches!) and can jump like mad, toss cars, blow up city block, etc. like he’s Bruce Banner. Nothing helps you get over a bad session at the poker tables than drop kicking a bad guy across the screen, then picking up his body and tossing it at another bad guy. Except maybe tossing cars on top of each other, amassing a large pyramid, blowing them up, and juggling them in the air with repeated shots from a rocket launcher. That might be more fun, I’m not sure… it’s close.

In poker news, I decided to take a stab at 50NL again once I had built my bankroll up to $1250, which happened about a week ago. I had played a decent number of hands at 50NL (~25k or so) back in the November timeframe, so the play at that level didn’t really scare me. Suffice to say I’ve been crushing, with profitable days such as $301.25, $196.50, and $264.75 thus far. Obviously I’ve been running hot and getting into good situations, but the big difference in my game over the whole month of February has been my ability to limit big losses. I’m probably missing out on some higher variance, +ev spots, which is something I plan on working on with FruityPro once he gets his flat set up and has some time for some sessions, but in general the fact that I’m not losing big pots has had a huge impact on my attitude towards the game and built my confidence at the tables. I also feel that making some lay downs in the larger pots has given me the image that I can be bluffed out of pots, which pays huge dividends against aggressive players when I’m holding a premium hand. Anyway, I don’t have the exact stats for my session last night handy (up a little over a buyin), but here’s what Sunday looked like… weekends are fun:

Today: $264.75
Total Bankroll: $1909.30
To Go: $14,096.01
Hands: 1003
bb/100: 26.40

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