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So yeah, I've been quite lazy since my last post about my valiant return to the tables. I've had a couple of good sessions since then, and am slowly building back my roll, but most importantly my confidence. I'm stacking off in marginal situations less, and taking people to Valuetown, baby. Anyway, I played a quick session tonight before Jack Bauer killed some people and tortured his brother on 24. Results as follows:

Today: $41.65
To Date: $(208.56)*
Bonus: $160.00
To Go: $15,048.56
Hands: 439
bb/100: 18.79

* for the record, negative ~15 buyin downswings are a bad way to start off goals

Some hands I'm looking for some analysis on:

Hand 1:

Hand 2:

Hand 3:

i amM0NIKER at 12:29 AM  


Mark said... February 6, 2007 at 3:24 PM  

what if i already talked to you about all of these hands?

also, your font is impossible to read. use a handhistory site plzzzzzzzz

Anonymous said... February 15, 2007 at 10:25 PM  

I completely agree with your comments on my blog. Hindsight twenty-twenty. In the future, I'll be taking a run at it with 20 BI. What's ur name on AIM, I would be down to talk some strategy and whatnot, mine is "tweeds07"


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