anger pants

So my desktop decided to die on me last week, mere hours after my Xbox360 gave me the flashing red light of death (aka: turned into a big paper weight). Needless to say, this is not a good start of the month for me from an electronics perspective. So being the good consumer that I am, I hit up NewEgg to buy up the components to build a brand-spankin' new doozy of a computer, flushed a grand down the toilet, and anxiously awaited their arrival. Three days later I return home with the glorious UPS package and began assembly.

Fast forward 4 days and I still don't have a functioning desktop computer. For starters, my old hard drive (you know, the one with all my programs, music, movies, and most importantly PokerTracker database) won't boot up. Not cool. Plan B involves me attempting to load Windows XP (pirated copy of course) onto my new HDD that was purchased in previously mentioned rage-fueled shopping spree. No dice. Blue screen of death. Plan C goes into effect, where I literally try to install every version of Windows I own burned copies of onto this new hard drive just so I can hopefully read the files from the old one, back up my PT db onto a CD, and reformat EVERYTHING. 5 failed installs later, I finally have Windows semi-running and am just awaiting PokerTracker to send me a new reg code so that I can make my feeble attempt at reading a PostgreSQL database off of another hard drive and back it up. I'll keep you posted on my sob story.

Due to aforementioned events, no poker in the past week. And no poker at least until next week due to a trip to San Diego on Wednesday. Fun times will be had, and I won't be thinking about the devil computer (I hope). Yay.

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