everyone remember's their first. it's never that good.

Well, my good friend and poker cohort, Mark (AKA malfaire, kuni, and "dj wannabe"), has decided to grace the internets with his presence, and seeing as though I am not one to be outdone, I have decided to pull up a chair and join the fun. While I'd like to say that this blog is some sort of charitable act whose #1 goal is to better the poker community, I guarantee you that I am nowhere near a legitimate source of poker knowledge, nor do I pretend to be.

So why am I making this site, you might ask? What do I hope to accomplish? Well, I certainly don't want to turn this into a "Look at me I lost a buyin. Hey look, I lost some more buyins. Check out this graph, as you can see it clearly depicts me losing buyins and tilting away my roll." Let's admit it though, there certainly will be a good deal of that, particularly in the beginning. And in the same token I don't want this to become a "Check out my mad skillz at the pokers. I am ruling the interweb. I am going to jump 20 levels and win a bajillion dollars by the end of 2007" -type thing where I sit on a pedestal and tell everyone how great and grand I am and how everyone else sucks at life. Wait, no, I probably would do that if I were that good. Too bad I'm not, and won't be. For shame.

Anyway, the real answer is that I just enjoy talking about poker, and am looking to reach out to the community and get some insight into poker, and other things... like girls, cars, and rims. Big, shiny, spinning rims. With LED's on them. CASH MONEYS! Alright, I'm out for now but I'll be back with more later. I know you kiddies can't wait to see my background and stats. Holla!

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